Sunday, December 5, 2010

Ahh, the spa...

While on a spontaneous getaway this weekend, I was ELATED to hear that I was staying just thirty floors above a Canyon Ranch spa and restaurant and that I was to take advantage of it as I pleased. After the most mind-numbing, muscle-soothing, full body rubdown known as the "Canyon Ranch Massage," I was offered--in typical Canyon Ranch fashion--to choose a card that would catch me in my state of withdrawal from life outside of my comfy robe and path to the steam room and instill me with a few words of wisdom. The card chose me, however, reinforcing in my mind a similar notion to that of my November 22 post, which was just what I needed while on a vacation from my routine. I thought I would share it with you, so that you might find it applicable to you on this day.

Eating habits improve with practice. 

Don't expect to be comfortable with new ways of eating immediately.

Take it step by step.

Although I stress routine in my own life and to others as essential for learning your body's needs and the diet that is right for it, I also recognize the great pleasure and health benefits (for your body and your mind) that can be had from a break. So, for me, these words are a reminder that even when I breaking from the routine, if I truly listen to my body, I can loosen the reigns, feel great, and not feel guilty on the plane ride back to reality...a great lesson learned before the holiday eating begins! Enjoy the spiced nuts and eggnog while you can!

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