Sunday, January 2, 2011

The Food Lover's Cleanse for a Happy New Year!

Since the first day of the year should just be considered a day of rest after all of the holiday indulgences reached a climax, MY new year starts today! Although I considered formulating a life-altering resolution for the new year, I realized in the process that simply getting back into my pre-holiday season routine will be just the ticket to starting off the new year with a bang. I do have a few goals in mind, however, some short-term (over the next month) and several longer-term (within the next year). In the short-term, I plan to cook up some great meals and have the January issue of Bon Appetit to thank for the inspiration! Check out The Food Lover's Cleanse, listen to the great advice given by my friend, registered dietitian Marissa Lippert (author of The Cheater's Diet), and stay tuned for some simple, fresh, and healthy recipes posted by The Moody Foodie!

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