Thursday, November 18, 2010

The best part of waking up... knowing that with every sip (okay, I admit, gulp), I am NOT destroying the Earth. If you choose to disregard the benefits of eating organic (lack of pesticides, encouragement of biodiversity, supporting small farms, etc.), please consider choosing organic coffee from this point on. I attended a lecture a couple of weekends ago titled The Green Revolution at the annual Food and Nutrition Conference & Expo in Boston and learned a great deal of information on how to purchase, prepare, and eat food in an eco-friendly AND nutritious way. Can you guess the top three countries with the highest emission of greenhouse gases?? One and two are pretty easy: China and the United States, but with Indonesia close behind, something has to be wrong. It is all due to deforestation, the clearing of fields for the production of oil palm, timber, and--you guessed it--coffee. So, the least we can do is trek (walk or ride a bike, of course!) to the grocery store (not Starbucks!) and buy a bag of ORGANIC coffee.

Right now, I am enjoying organic Allegro coffee from Whole Foods!

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